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i once gave a kangeroo a heart attack by staring at it.


I've decided that my culinary life would be a lot more interesting if I had someone else to cook for because I'm the most boring date ever. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some fancy chef (no matter how much I fantasize about kicking ass on Next Food Network Star) and my new years resolution to master the jicama has barely even gotten off the ground; but I still think I'm pretty skilled compared to other ladiez (perhaps because I have more free time? Perhaps).

I definetely would be more experimental and be willing to actually BUY ingredients if someone else was going to eat my food. This is pretty much all I try to figure out anymore:

--Could I put cumin on this?
--Could I put dill on this?
--Why do cumin and dill taste so awesome independently and combine so awfully?
--Could I bake this with flax?
--Could I bake this with whey protein powder?
--Why do flax and way protein powder taste so nasty indepedently and combine like SUPER AWESOME GOOD FUN TIMES
--What else do I put on this broccoli?
--What else do I put in this omelette?
--How much taste loss am I experiencing from that serious latte tongue burn I got this morning?
--I really wish I owned a grill
--I'd even settle for a hibatchi
--Do I still hate squash? Yes.

That pretty much sums it all up. I'm also conducting a series of experiments to determine the difference (besides the obvious taste factor) between butter and the 99 cent Food Lion brand "Spread." "Spread" does not even pretend to be butter or pretend that we won't believe it isn't butter, or margerine for that matter. I respect its forthrightedness, really. It just is what it is: a tub of heart attack. Also, somewhat tasty.

All I've figured so far is that "Spread" is highly explosive (melting it in the microwave cause it to bubble furiously, Ghostbusters II style, and explode whenever I turn my head to deal with something else) and makes my muffins really greasy. Also, people make fun of me for having a tub of "Spread" in the fridge. So far I'm not ready to submit my findings to any journal, but give it time.

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