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i once gave a kangeroo a heart attack by staring at it.


(20:33:21) kipp: i intend to bake both donut/flax muffins tonight and tuna muffins
(20:33:23) kipp: i have only one muffin tin
(20:33:26) kipp: which do i make first?
(20:33:36) paul: what is a donut muffin?
(20:33:57) kipp: [link to forum]
(20:36:17) kipp: so now...which one first? it's like a math problem.
(20:36:41) paul: you're right. It's exactly like math
(20:37:16) kipp: YOU KNOW I FAIL AT MATH
(20:37:33) kipp: possibly now I know why; because I think it has something to do with tuna.
(20:37:47) paul: that's right you do. That's why I'm comforted that you'll be an economist
(20:37:55) kipp: I hate you.
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