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i once gave a kangeroo a heart attack by staring at it.

Little Known Fact: Romans Colonized Jersey

(21:19:47) kipp: i'm sure you'll be ok, you're a tough mf'er
(21:20:09) kipp: if it is cancer, mark and i will get together and throw you a big "happy cancer!" party
(21:20:32) paul: yeah
(21:20:36) paul: I know it.
(21:20:44) kipp: c'mon, happy cancer
(21:20:49) kipp: we'll do it like roman style
(21:20:50) paul: oh, shit yeah
(21:20:54) kipp: 3 full days of partying
(21:20:58) kipp: we'll throw up and have anal sex
(21:20:59) kipp: it'll be awesome
(21:20:59) paul: I'll throw a party
(21:21:17) paul: heh, anal sex? there were romans from jersey?
(21:21:42) kipp: apparently!
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